True Meaning

True Meaning

Many people say … a true friend that only comes once in a lifetime probably will never get over life … what is it true? please your own judge
There is a difference between being an acquaintance and being a FRIEND.
First, an acquaintance was one whose name you know, you see many times, by which you may have in common, and that you feel comfortable surrounding. He is a person who can you invite to your house and share with you.

But they are people with whom you will not be for life, whose actions sometimes you do not understand because you do not know enough about them.
Conversely, a friend is someone who you love .. Not because you fall in love with him, but you care about that person, and you think about it when they do not exist.
The friends are the people where you are reminded when you see something that maybe they like, and you know it because you know them well.

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